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Federal Benefits Group

The Federal Benefits Group, commonly known as TheFBG, is an independently owned Retirement and Insurance company who specializes in helping State, Local and Federal employees across the country get the right information to plan for their future.  Whether you’re just starting out your career with the government or you’re ready to retire, were here to help guide you in the right direction.

You may have tried to get quality information about your benefits from your governments HR department but haven’t received a clear answer. Or maybe you’ve talked to a financial planner who doesn’t specialize in your unique situation. Because there are many valuable options, you want to know what’s available, understand the different aspects of each, and how they personally impact you.

At The Federal Benefits Group we can help you get the answers you’re looking for and create a strategy that provide you with the retirement you’ve worked so hard for. Our experienced team has walk thousands of government employees through a simple process that takes the guesswork out of your benefits and retirement. Therefore, helping you prevent costly mistakes. Through our process, you may discover hidden benefits and avoid overpaying for coverage you don’t need.

If you have questions about your government benefits or are looking for information regarding your retirement, please call us and we will set you up with one of our knowledgeable benefit specialist today.

Our Experienced Team Can Help

You Achieve & Exceed Your Retirement Goals

Often times, you are left without information and can struggle to find resources

to help you understand your benefits and maximize your retirement

Let Us Guide You

Through 3 Easy Steps

Access Your Benefits

Construct Your Plan

Maximize Your Retirement

Cutting Edge Services

Designed Exclusively for Teachers & Government Employees

including State, Local & Federal Government Employees

Retirement Income Planning

Insurance Review

Legacy Advice

Needs Based Analysis


  • "Lacie Harmon. I had signed up for her seminar, then couldn’t make it. When she contacted me to follow up, we began a conversation that was at exactly the right level to help me absorb what I needed to know. This was different from my previous experiences with retirement seminar speakers. We continued working together over several months, all free of charge, and she walked me through all of the confusing options with grace and kindness.  I am extremely happy with the decisions I made as a result of her knowledge and guidance, and my retirement is both financially secure and satisfying. I highly recommend Lacie Harmon for all of your retirement planning. You will get the answers you need, and never be pressured in any way. Working with Lacie on my retirement plans was a very pleasant experience, and I intend to continue working with her as my financial assets grow."

    Yvonne Pendleton
    NASA retiree
  • "As a career civil servant of many decades, and an astrophysicist, I should have had no fear of the retirement process, but when the time came, I felt lost among the many options and forms. All of this ended once I met. This story begins with the passing of my wife in March 2022.  This same year in June of 2022, the thrift savings plan decided to restructure their website.  The ordeal begins in July, when Bill Merecki and I tried to transfer money from TSP to an IRA with Lincoln Financial.  TSP made it difficult to transfer money from my deceased wife’s account. After 17 attempts with 17 operators, 8 supervisors, operations, tech department, we finally managed to extract the money December 2022.  Bill had been to my house every Tuesday since the beginning.  We also made on trip to get an attorney’s advice on the matter. Bill’s patience and diligence are to be commended.  I couldn’t have done this without him."

    Military Veteran & USPS Retiree